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Need to Dropshipping in WordPress?

Discover here the complete guide which reveals solutions (Plugins, themes, Clouds and Services) that will allow you to create, manage, optimize and boost your dropshipping store in WordPress.

Does your problem match one of the below? :

You want to dropshipping without having to pay for subscriptions every end of the month. Yes, it is often hard especially when you start without knowledge and without having sales for the first few months. So you seem to be wasting money paying monthly subscription fees without generating sales and income;

  • You want to create a dropshipping store with Aliexpress suppliers but under WordPress;
  • You want to create a dropshipping store in WordPress but with European and American suppliers and not Chinese;
  • You want to have a dropshipping store that delivers in a very short time.
  • You don’t want to have a store that looks like thousands of stores like the ones created under Shopify and Dropizi;
  • You want to have full control of your store without a middleman’s hand;
  • You want to get into dropshipping but you don’t know how to do it;

If you find yourself in at least one of the above problems, stay on this page until the end because you will have the solution to your problem.

You will therefore discover solutions that will allow you to:

  • get started in dropshipping without having to pay monthly subscriptions;
  • start dropshipping with Aliexpress but with a site created under WordPress;
  • create a dropshipping store powered by American and European suppliers;
  • to create a unique dropshipping store capable of adapting to your graphic charter and your values;
  • to manage your store without dicta from any third party;

To start off with you, I am going to clarify or refresh your memory on the concept of dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping consists of selling products from a supplier or manufacturer on the internet without having stocks at home, setting your own prices on the products, and having them delivered to your customer by the delivery service of your supplier.

With this system, the Dropshipper (you or the owner of a dropshipping store) is seen as a reseller or service provider who is responsible for selling the product, but who does not care about the rest of the supply chain. This is the responsibility of the supplier who acts as a subcontractor.

This sales method allows the dropshipper (reseller) to have great flexibility and to focus only on selling. Storage and shipping are the sole responsibility of the supplier.

For the reseller, it is important for him to find trusted suppliers.

There are SaaS solutions such as Shopify, Dropizi, Ebay, Amazon, etc. that allow you to launch a store without stock but have limitations: similarity of appearance of stores, subscription fees,

It is therefore a method that allows you to create an e-commerce on a very small budget, a method to get started quickly.

Because the risk of ending up with a large quantity of unsold products is non-existent with the possibility of having a rich and varied catalog from the start of the activity. This is therefore a major advantage for a young company, able to promote its site and generate sales.

This system, which was born in the United States and currently practiced by thousands of e-merchants in several countries of the world, allows you to sell without stock and to make money.


WordPress, what is it?

WordPress is an abbreviated English CMS Content Management System. There are several content management systems out there, however WordPress is catching on with the general public because it is quick and easy to install, has an intuitive interface that helps the user to use it well. And this is the web trend right now, most websites that are being created now run on WordPress.


This is because it is open source software and therefore free. This allows many web entrepreneurs to adopt it as a solution to create websites.

You can download the recent version of WordPress for free at this link.

But you can also install it automatically via the administration panel of your web host.

WordPress brings together a community of thousands of active people contributing day to day to its development.

This community allows WordPress which is a core software to have other additional modules such as themes and plugins.

# The themes are therefore website templates otherwise called Template. There are millions of themes out there, some free and some paid. A theme defines the look and functionality of your site or blog. Generally, after installing WordPress, the second thing to do is to choose the theme of your website, or your blog or even your e-commerce site.
There are several categories of themes depending on the sector:

  • Theme for corporate site or company site
  • Theme for blog site
  • Portfolio theme
  • Theme for magazine website
  • Theme for online store
  • Theme for news site
  • Theme for photography website
  • Theme for directory site
  • Theme for music website
  • Theme for marketplace website


# Plugins bring additional new functionality to your website, blog or online store. There are thousands of plugins developed by the WordPress community, by third parties and by web companies or web agencies. Some are free and others are chargeable.
A plugin is designed in relation to a new functionality that you want to add to your site.

Plugins are also classified according to the categories of functionality that they provide to a site.

It exists :

  • Plugins to reduce the loading time of your site;
  • Automatic sharing plugins on social networks
  • Plugins for backups and maintenance of your site;
  • Plugins to capture emails or have a newsletter
  • Plugins for statistical analysis of the site audience;
  • Plugins to display the number of views of your articles to visitors;
  • Plugins that help to properly reference an article on the search engine;
  • Plugins for creating pages by dragging and dropping;
  • Plugins to have an online store under wordpress;
  • Plugins for dropshipping under wordpress;
  • Plugins to have a payment system in an online store;

Among the plugins that allow you to create and manage an online store in WordPress, there is the famous Woocommerce.

Woocommerce, what is it?


Woocommerce is a wordpress plugin that allows you to create and manage your online store in WordPress.

The ease of use and the very useful features that grow around Woocommerce have made it popular. This allows it to be the ideal plugin for creating an online store in WordPress.

With Woocommerce, we can therefore manage the different tasks and processes of an e-commerce in WordPress: from product publication to delivery.

On the dropshipping side, know that there are plugins that can be combined with Woocommerce to allow the creation of an online store without stock or a dropshipping store.

There are also plugins that allow dropshipping without going through Woocommerce.

I tell you about it in the following lines.

Plugin solutions for Dropshipping WordPress

If you are looking for a plugin that can help you create a dropshipping store or a store without stock under wordpress, here is our selection of reliable and powerful plugins to help you get started as quickly as possible:


1. Alidropship

alidropship plugin dropshipping wordpress

Alidropship is a plugin that allows you to create a dropshipping store in WordPress.

As its name suggests, it allows you to import products from the Chinese e-commerce giant: Aliexpress into its store.

With Alidropship you don’t have to pay for subscriptions every end of the month.

By purchasing it you save over 235 € on the annual subscription on Shopify. You get it for life.

It costs $ 89. Note that the official Alidropship website is in English. (But that’s not a hindrance as most of the plugins we use are English).

Learn more about  Alidropship


2. Alidropship Woo

alidropship woo dropshipping wordpress

Is an Alidropship alternative. It is developed by the same developer as Alidropship. This time for the combined with Woocommerce. It only takes seconds to import products from AliExpress into your dropshipping store on WooCommerce, process customer orders, and track your business performance.

With Alidropship Woo you don’t have to pay for subscriptions every end of the month. By purchasing it you save over 235 € on the annual subscription on Shopify. You get it for life.

It costs $ 89. Note that the official Alidropship website is in English. (But that’s not a hindrance since most of the plugins we use are English).

Learn more about Woo


3. Spocket

spocket plugin dropshipping wordpress

Is a Woodpress plugin in conjunction with Woocommerce which allows you to create a dropshipping store with authenticated suppliers in the United States and Europe. This allows you to have a catalog of unique and excellent quality products made by artisans and American and European companies with the possibility of making deliveries faster than on Aliexpress.

Plus, your store benefits from wholesale rates, with up to 75% off market rates, allowing you to make substantial profits for every product you sell. You can also mark the invoice as your own.

Compared to plugins at Alidropship and Alidropship Woo, the use of Spocket is by subscription. There is the $ 9 / month, $ 49 / month and $ 99 / month subscription pricing plan.

You also have the possibility to test it for free for 14 days.

Learn more about  Spocket


4. Dropfied

dropfied plugin dropshipping wordpress

Dropfied is another wordpress plugin that allows you to import products, manage them on your site and complete them without your intervention in combination with Woocommerce. So you can create a dropshipping store under wordpress with.

It is available free for 500 products and 50 orders per month. However, to increase the production capacity or the order processing rate it is advisable to obtain the professional version of the plugin.

Using the pro version $ 47 / month for the Builder plan and $ 127 / month for the Premier plan.

The plugin is in English and its official site too.

Learn more about Dropfied


5. DropshipMe

dropshipping wordpress

DropshipMe is a WordPress dropshipping plugin created to import the best Aliexpress products and improve product search. The plugin is free and offers 3 plans from $ 0 to $ 199.

The prices are as follows:

import of 50 products: free
import of 100 products: $ 29
import of 500 products: $ 119
import of 1000 products: $ 199
There are over 50,000 top selling dropshipping products to choose from on AliExpress.

Titles, descriptions and images are professionally edited but in English. You also have the possibility to put it in French.

A price is recommended on each product

You can add these products to your AliExpress WooCommerce store with one click.

After discovering the different plugins that can help you dropshipping with WordPress, it’s time I spoke to you about how to get started with dropshipping.

Learn more about DropshiMe


How to get started in dropshipping

As you well know, dropshipping allows you to quickly launch an online store with a low budget and times from 0.

However, to start intelligently in order to succeed in your business, it is important to choose a theme or a niche of the products to sell in order to present yourself as a specialist store rather than a generalist.

The steps for launching a dropshipping store are done as follows:

  1. Choice of theme or niche
  2. Choice of platform for creation of the store
  3. Purchase of domain name and web hosting
  4. Shop creation
  5. Boutique launch
  6. Shop promotion


1. Choice of theme or niche

The choice of the theme or the niche of your store is made by conducting a market study.

The analysis of the sale of a product allows you to choose a niche, a product that sells well with good feedback from reviews is a good indicator for choosing the theme or niche of your store.

The choice of the niche can also be done by evaluating trends and periods.

It is also advisable to choose a theme or a niche that solves a deep problem in order to stand out from other shops.

There are tools (chrome extension, software, etc.) that allow you to do an objective analysis of the sale and trend of a product.

On Aliexpress, the number of sales are visible and it is an indicator of whether a product is selling well. The number of years a supplier has been in existence is also an indicator of the reliability of a product.

On Amazon, it’s the high number of positive reviews for a product that determines it’s a good product.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find out the search volume for a keyword in a sale and the level of competition (low, medium or high).

When the search volume for a keyword is high and the competition is low, the keyword on a product can be chosen.

From a product we can go back to a niche or vice versa.


2. Choice of the platform for the creation of the store

A fter having found the niche for your dropshipping store, it’s time to choose the platform to create and set up your store.

On this site, the choice is already made: to dropshipping with WordPress with the combination of Woocommerce.

This choice is made to allow you:

  • to have control of your store, to create a store in your brand image, avoid monthly or annual subscriptions if you opt for Alidropship or Alidropship Woo;
  • to sell products from European and American suppliers if you choose Spocket. This allows you to sell very high quality and provide very short delivery times to your customers.
  • to get started on a very small budget if you want to get started paying monthly subscriptions with Spocket or Dropfied.


3. Purchase of the domain name and hosting

The kind of products you are going to sell can be one to find or formulate your store name or domain name.

It is better to buy the domain name with extensions such as: .com .shop .online

Preferably .com because it is the most popular and the permanent trend.

If you have no idea which host to choose, I suggest the following hosts:


If you plan to create a dropshipping store network, I advise you to opt for Planethoster because it offers unlimited web hosting at a cheap rate (72 euros per year) with support available 24/7 even on Sundays and on listening to your.

This site and all my sites are hosted on Planethoster.

You can read more about Planethoster’s unlimited hosting offer by clicking here.


4. Creation of the store

Your store will therefore be created under WordPress.

Depending on your means you can get a free or paid theme.

You will have to use with Woocommerce plugin if you opt for Alidropship Woo, Spocket, Dropfied, DropshipMe

Here are the steps to create your dropshipping store:

  • Installation of Worpress;
  • Installation and configuration of a free or paid theme;
  • Installation and configuration of plugins including for dropshipping;
  • Importing products with either Alidropship, or Alidropship Woo, or Spocket, or Dropfied;
  • Copywriting + seo writing and publication of the produced sheets;
  • Writing and publication of the about page, the general sales conditions page, legal notices;
  • Customizing the appearance of your store (logo, colors, menu, etc.)
  • Configuration of secure payment solutions (Paypal, Stripes, 2Checkout, etc.)


5. Launch of the store

After having created your store, you must launch your store.

With 0 euros, you can inform those around you about the launch of your store by sending them the link, share it on the Facebook group of the niche of the theme of your store, by posting a video on youtube and on Instagram. Product images can do the trick on Pinterest.


6. Store promotion
The permanent promotion of your store can be done in 2 ways: free and paid.

Use the free methods:

  • SEO: focus on natural referencing for search engines such as Google. Which can help your store to be # 1 on Google and generate sales.
  • Sharing on social networks: create a Pinterest and Instagram account of the store. These networks are inundated with hot leads; create or integrate a Facebook group related to the niche of your store.
  • Set up a blog that will bring value to your customers by covering various topics in your niche;


Use paid methods:

Launch Facebook advertising: the personalized targeting function of the Facebook advertising network allows you to quickly generate sales. You can also quickly collect emails from prospects via this method to contact them later with a regular auto-responder;
Launch Ads on Google Ads. Google is the most used search engine in the world, displaying its ads on these networks using keywords related to the products in your store will allow you to generate sales quickly.
You have just discovered how you can proceed to set up your dropshipping store or to dropshipping in WordPress.